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Data sheet 2015 alien e alien 303075

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Eurocolumbus has been founded by Dr. Carlo Brameri with a degree on Physics who built the fi rst rotating anode X-ray tube in Italy.
Eurocolumbus products are built using best components on the international market:
Varian U.S. giant with 21 production sites to guarantee the maximum quality of dynamic fl at panel detectors with following sizes:
20x20 for electrophysiology and hemodynamic studies
30x30 the best compromise for every discipline
40x30 designed to be the best in angiography and vascular
High thermal capacity X-ray complexes with liquid cooling
the company established with Thales, Siemens and Philips funds to design
and produce amorphous silicon detectors
reliability and performance
guarantees maximum fl uidity and safety in mechanical movements
ceiling monitor stands and anti X protections
best Italian factory building high capacity X-ray tubes

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